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Dachverband der österreichischen Filmschaffenden
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ADA represents the interests of Austrian film and television directors. As a member of FERA (Federation of European Film Directors), ADA represents the interests of Austrian directors in Brussels, among the influential committees of the European Union.

ADA stands for creativity and the freedom of expression in audio-visual arts and entertainment, as well as for Austrian and European film culture.

ADA primarily focuses on the betterment of the socio-political, legal and financial situation of Austrian film and television directors.

Since 2002, ADA has been a member of FERA – Fédération Européenne des Réalisateurs de l'Audiovisuel / Federation of European Film Directors. 


We represent the interests of:

  • Directors in film, television and video
  • Directors in production companies / commissioned productions
  • Directors in feature films, short films and documentaries
  • Directors in commercials
  • Directors in the independent, artistic and avant-garde area
  • Directors/creators/VJs in new media


Primary goals of the association:

  • Improvement of contracts and production terms for directors in Austria
  • Monitor and influence the development of protections under copyright laws throughout Europe
  • Collaboration in political decisions affecting the film and television industry (promotion of the industry, et al.)


Activities of the association:

  • Regular communications
  • Regular events on exchanges and continuing education
  • Forwarding and exchanging of information with foreign directors’ guilds
  • Political lobbying in film and culture
  • Close collaboration with foreign and domestic film federations


ADA memberships:

  • Austrian Filmmakers Association
  • FERA, Fédération européenne des Réalisateurs de l'Audiovisuel


Benefits of ADA membership:

  • Internet presence with personal page on the ADA website
  • Newsletter
  • Access to all ADA members
  • Austrian Director’s Pass
  • Legal advice / initial consultation

Becoming a member: